Megan and Flo - Thanks to each of you for your warmth, your kindness, your delightful sense of humor, and your professionalism in helping us through the house- buying process. You're the BEST! Thanks, too, for your contractor referrals. We have people taking care of things prior to us moving in. Stay well, and we hope it is not too long before we see you!

-Fern and Gail

Flo - Thank you very kindly for giving so much attention to our home. Leaving a home that has been part of our family for so long is bitter sweet. We know however that they buyers are the ideal owners. We know that their family will fill those walls with the love it deserves and needs. We selected this token of appreciation because we saw "family" in the name. You honor your name with wisdom and grace - what more could a family ask for?! You are a great teacher, and Megan is fortunate to have you and you are fortunate to have her!

-Randy, Dianne, Sharon and Bill

Megan - You are amazing! You are an acrobat - jumping through hoops and always landing on your feet! You were the perfect Realtor for us as you represented our family, and more particularly our sweet mother. The right family is in the right home and it was - in its entirety.... seamless! We will refer you to our friends and family for a successful experience as well. Thank you very much!

-Randy, Dianne, Sharon and Bill